Stay warm guys. | brrr! 💨 #trapperhat h&m #camoprint zara jacket #forever21 thick sweater & red dress #bucco (imitation?) #creepers #ootd #glassesgirl #winteroutfits #canadianoutfits #canadianwinter #minusdegreeweather
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Blazing Docks (by Anita S)Shades and earthtones only here. Wearing #deandris and trying to sit still for a picture as the sun moved ever closer!
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Helga’s Trial (by Anita S)
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Red & Neutral (by Anita S)check out for more outfits?

also more info on items there ^ too :)„ sometimes

instagram is updated more often :luwfme
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Grow Up, Butterfly (by Anita S)more on 

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Colourless (by Anita S)please check out my instagram @luwfme
& my tumblr blog thing :)
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Don’t care for the jeans but slightly platformed, corkish/wood!, laces, cutouts (but maybe just see thru?!) and that colour… I like I like!
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